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Re: Ah,the exotic penguin.....

Posted by Robin P. on 10/03/05
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    Question to Stacy,did you call animal control(etc) on the woman (with
    the canaries),and if so,what did they do?
    Fran wasn't saying YOU were neccesarily naive,she was saying it is
    naive to expect them to do anything,because they do not except in cases
    of very extreme abuse.Sadly in the cases of birds it has to be VERY
    very extreme.
    I would go have a chat with them about the birds,they're probably just
    ignorant to the danger the birds are in.Be tactful.
    I have times when I nearly get myself in jail,like yesterday,there was
    a lady selling chickens,etc (at the flea market),and she had about 5
    tiels in a cage,and 2 little boys kept going up and pulling their
    tails.She didn't say anything to them,so I went up and yanked on the
    hair of one little boy (not hard,just enough to get my point across).He
    looked shocked.I said "You don't like that much,do you? And I didn't do
    it nearly as bad as you hurting those birds".No parents to be seen,of