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Re: Abuse /Inconsideration or No??

Posted by Jody on 9/21/05
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    On 9/21/05, Fran wrote:
    > Jody, I agree with you 100&37;. I don't know what would cause
    > someone to do something like that. Perhaps they have a dog
    > or cat that threatens the birds, or perhaps they think the
    > birds enjoy being outside. Or, they could just be "jerks"
    > who bought the birds and now don't want to deal with them.
    > I don't think it is good for the birds to be out exposed to
    > the elements with no protection. They are definitely at risk
    > of disease and predators. Not to mention the stress of being
    > exposed in a hanging cage. And it is probably only a matter
    > of time before something (hawk, racoon, etc) gets to them.
    > Of course, they probably are on a terrible diet with a dirty
    > cage, no toys or proper perches. (just a guess on my part).
    > Unfortunately calling the authorities in a case like this
    > rarely does any good. If I were you, and this is just me, I
    > would offer to take the birds off their hands, even if it
    > involves shelling out a small amount of money on your part.
    > Be nice about it, no insults, just tell them you have seen
    > the birds out and you would love to have them as company for
    > your bird (lie and be nice!). If you are able to get them,
    > then you can decide if they can live with you, or if not,
    > find them a good home with someone you know can take proper
    > care of them. Remember to keep them in a different room from
    > your birds for at least 30 days if you decide to do this.
    > Good luck and let me know what happens. Fran
    Thanks Fran, A Whole Bunch !! I was wondering if I was over
    reacting or being a wimp. I'll attempt to talk to them and see
    what's up or what isn't For the good of the birdies