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Re: Abuse /Inconsideration or No?? I would not do that...

Posted by Fran on 9/22/05
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    STacy, IF the birds are being provided adequate food, water and
    shelter, there is nothing the Humane Society can do. An avian
    vet is most likely too busy to get involved. Worse case scenario
    they take the birds in where they can't even be monitored and
    the abuse can really begin. You can't slap the wrists of people
    like this and make them see the light. Many times in a
    situation like this the people are LOOKING to get rid of the
    birds. It's doubtful the people would give these birds away only
    to go buy more. They are not a petstore.
    Every case is unique, but the abuse has to be EXTEME especially
    in the case of birds for the authorities to get involved. If you
    think otherwise, you are naive.