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Re: Abuse /Inconsideration or No?? I would not do that...

Posted by Stacy on 9/22/05
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    Sometimes people think differently. There was a woman who lived a
    few houses down the steet from me, and she kept canaries in a cage
    outside on her back deck. They were there as a decoration, not to
    get them out of the way.

    She lost one to an oppossum, she bought another one. She lost one
    due to (I beleive because she had a nest in the cage) egg binding,
    she bought another one. She lost one because it got its head stuck
    in the bars, not only did she keep the cage that killed a bird, she
    bought another one to replace the one that died. She left the birds
    out after the weather started dipping below 59 at night. She knew
    nothing about birds.

    Do not call me niave unless you know what is really going on. Not
    all people are looking to "get them out of the way". "Many times",
    but not all the time. Some situations differ, so don't attack me
    about it. Go after the owners of the birds. I did not put them out
    there. Plus, exotic birds being out in unpredictable weather in
    just a cage is not adequate shelter.

    Best advice, if you don't know, ask. Before you offer money, just
    say you are "looking to add to you family and you have fallen in
    love with their parakeets", then continue based on response.

    On 9/22/05, Fran wrote:
    > STacy, IF the birds are being provided adequate food, water and
    > shelter, there is nothing the Humane Society can do. An avian
    > vet is most likely too busy to get involved. Worse case scenario
    > they take the birds in where they can't even be monitored and
    > the abuse can really begin. You can't slap the wrists of people
    > like this and make them see the light. Many times in a
    > situation like this the people are LOOKING to get rid of the
    > birds. It's doubtful the people would give these birds away only
    > to go buy more. They are not a petstore.
    > Every case is unique, but the abuse has to be EXTEME especially
    > in the case of birds for the authorities to get involved. If you
    > think otherwise, you are naive.