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Re: Abuse /Time they learnt

Posted by Jimbo on 9/24/05
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    On 9/20/05, Jody wrote:
    > I just have a question regarding budgies/parakeets in
    > general and just how hardy they are - And what you guys
    > think of this situation...
    > The people across the street from us have two budgies,
    > these little birdies are outside all the time. I mean -
    > they are out when I get up and they are out when I am
    > getting ready for bed at 9-10 p.m. Rain or Shine, Hot or
    > exceptionally cool.
    > We are in California where of course weather is pretty much
    > ideal most of the time. However - I feel bad for these
    > little ones being out all the time in the extreme heat, and
    > cooler/cold evening temps. They are never covered up -
    > they hang from a hook on the front porch about 5 or so feet
    > up from the ground.
    > Am I being a picky neighbor or are these people being
    > incondsiderate of these little guys in the disregard for
    > them?? I have never seen anyone pay any attention to the
    > birds and I am not sure that they even take them in at
    > night.
    > I have often considered calling animal control to report
    > them, but talk myself out of it because I don't know just
    > how hardy these little ones are and maybe in aviaries they
    > are outside all the time??
    > Anybody have anything to say or comments as to if you think
    > this is inappropriate pet care?? Should I report them or
    > mind my own business??
    > I personally have two conures, 1 sun, 1 nanday and believe
    > me, I know they are hardy, but would never expose them to
    > the elements/situations etc. as these little guys across
    > the street are.
    > Thanks of your input !! :)

    How did you go with the neighbours Budgies. Jody?
    Many people have birds but do not know anything about the
    species/breed or what they need and think seed and water is
    enough. Many people have killed their birds due to believing
    husks are seed and they die of starvation. If it was me I
    would talk to them about birds in general and ask what time
    they bring them in at night? also how surprised you are
    yourself how birds need cover from heat and cold and also
    interaction which is something we all have to learn (well
    most of us intuitively know but there are always some who
    know little about a lot of things). Why do people get birds
    etc and even kids and then have no idea what to do with them?