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Re: cage dsign plans

Posted by BirdieLover!! on 9/22/05
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    Hi there,
    I have been searching myself for some ideas. I came across
    a website (
    that has various ideas for do-it-yourself projects. On that
    page, there are instructions for a "feeding station" for
    eclectuses that would be the perfect size for a cage for
    your lovebirds/keets. It is made out of acrylic, which is
    great for keeping the mess off the floor. I am planning on
    making a cage halfway up out of acrylic and then the rest of
    the way to the top out of bars to allow for ventilation. I
    have looked in Home Depot and Lowe's for acrylic, and their
    prices are not bad considering it would be a sturdy material
    and you won't have to worry about constantly cleaning the
    floors!! Making one would be FAR LESS than buying a premade
    cage if you use such a material.
    Hope this bit of info helps!! Good Luck! :)

    On 9/22/05, Mark Wright wrote:
    > I breed lovebirds and keets and watn to build my own
    > cages. Does anyone have a cage design plans? I am a
    > pastor, father and part time bird breeder. I need simple,
    > explicit, easy to follow directions.Can anyone help with
    > design plans?