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Re: trying to catch a parakeet loose in my neighborhood

Posted by barb on 9/29/05
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    On 9/29/05, MK wrote:
    > I am trying to catch a loose parakeet. It comes by my house
    > because we feed wild birds and have a bird house. It's
    > trying to take residence in one of the compartments, even
    > though sparrows are trying to kick it out. The problem is
    > that I live up north and while it's trying to keep warm at
    > night in our bird house, it won't have much luck once it
    > gets colder. I have two parakeets of my own that I bring
    > out in hopes to lure it into an extra cage I have with food
    > in it. Any other suggestions?
    I know this sounds funny but maybe play a tape of your
    parakeets and or put a dummy parakeet in the cage you can get
    them from the petstores and prop the cage door open. Or if
    you can get someone to put a ladder next to the birdhouse and
    when you see him go in cover the hole and bring the cage down
    and either take inside and wait til he comes out or put the
    opening up next to the cage opening with no space between the
    cage and bird house. Its worth a try!!