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Re: Hand rearing a Baby Budgie! Help please!!!

Posted by Tigeress on 10/01/05
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    On 9/30/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 9/30/05, Tigeress wrote:
    >> I have managed to save 1 out of 3 of our babies. This is
    >> all new to me and i hope i am doing the right things. Our
    >> baby is nearly 3 weeks old...we have him in a small box
    >> with tissue paper and a small cardboard tunnel in. He
    >> sleeps in the hot water cupboard and we put a wheat bag
    >> beside the box. We feed the baby when he lets us know
    >> which is usually around every 2 hours, but is already
    >> sleeping thru the night. We brought special food from the
    >> pet store and feed him through a syringe.
    >> Is there anything else we should be doing for him at the
    >> moment. He is doing great (this is now his 3rd day away
    >> from mum). He seems to be happy with what we are doing at
    >> the moment.
    >> Would love to hear back from someone who might have some
    >> more ideas. Thank you
    > What exactly happened to the babies?

    The babies were born in a normal bird cage, she layed the eggs
    on the bottom of the cage. The mother was fine with the
    babies until they opened there eyes and started to go walk
    abouts. This was when we lost 2 of them over night. To make
    sure we didn't lose the last one we decided to hand breed it.
    My children and i are really enjoying it!! We still don't know
    if we are doing the right things and are hoping that someone
    may be able to tell us some more things that will help our
    little baby!