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Re: Hand rearing a Baby Budgie! Help please!!!

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/30/05
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    On 9/30/05, Tigeress wrote:
    > I have managed to save 1 out of 3 of our babies. This is
    > all new to me and i hope i am doing the right things. Our
    > baby is nearly 3 weeks old...we have him in a small box
    > with tissue paper and a small cardboard tunnel in. He
    > sleeps in the hot water cupboard and we put a wheat bag
    > beside the box. We feed the baby when he lets us know
    > which is usually around every 2 hours, but is already
    > sleeping thru the night. We brought special food from the
    > pet store and feed him through a syringe.
    > Is there anything else we should be doing for him at the
    > moment. He is doing great (this is now his 3rd day away
    > from mum). He seems to be happy with what we are doing at
    > the moment.
    > Would love to hear back from someone who might have some
    > more ideas. Thank you

    What exactly happened to the babies?