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Re: Breeding Budgies: Not again (lol)

Posted by Sarah on 9/30/05
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    On 9/30/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Well i had the nest box out side of Ninniki and Gracies
    > cage and its on the floor. I always let them fly around a
    > billion times per day and well now they discovered the
    > nest box on the floor and they're mating!!! Well that was
    > 4 weeks ago, when i was sure she was going to lay her
    > legs, i decided to put the nest box in her cage and with
    > Gracie and well i never thought they were fertile because
    > they sometimes do mate here and there time to time, and
    > well guess what, Thursday i heard a baby birdie chirping
    > its mind out in the box and it was being fed, oh boy... I
    > checked the nest box and guess what, there is 4 eggs and
    > one hatchling... So what i am thinking of doing is
    > handing feeding this tiome when the babies are 10 days
    > old. I had alittle experience with that before. Well i
    > just wanted to give you all the news, Thanks for
    > listening.

    Awwww, Kitty, you're a mommy again. lol :)