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Re: Cheese in eggs¿

Posted by Sarah on 10/03/05
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    On 10/03/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 10/02/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> Hey, I was just wondering if the budgies are allowed to
    >> have cheese in their eggs. I am just making them for us and
    >> i was wondering if it is bad for them i i feed them some of
    >> the leftover cheezy eggs Thanks!! ~Sarah~
    >> P.S. They LOVE their eggs
    > Cheese is ok once in a while,but they don't really get any
    > nutritional benefit from Dairy foods,so it's best to feed
    > them sparingly.The eggs are great for them,lots of
    > protein,just make sure to go easy on the fatty stuff like
    > butter,bacon,etc. :)

    Alright, thanks!!) Im so glad that they like eggs so much. They're like little kids,
    they are sooo picky!