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Re: New Environment

Posted by Fran on 10/04/05
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    On 10/03/05, barb wrote:
    > On 10/03/05, Jude wrote:
    >> After 14 years my beautiful white and sky blue
    >> parakeet "salt" passed away - I cried for days. I got a
    >> new one yesterday. It is petrified, and does not even move
    >> around. I feel so bad for him (Romeo)any advice on how to
    >> make him know it is going to be ok?

    Jude, so sorry to hear of the passing of Salt. It is very hard
    to lose a long time friend. It will take some time for you and
    your new baby to get used to each other. I'm not going to
    repeat everything the previous poster has written. I would
    just add that your new budgie is in a totally new place, away
    from all the familiar things he knew before. He will get used
    to you in time. Hoping you have many, many happy years with
    your new friend.