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Re: Bathing

Posted by Michael L on 10/04/05
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    On 10/04/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Well i am not sur ehow other people birds react when
    > taking a bath, but mine don't (talking about budgies
    > ofcourse) and well mine will get really close to my tame
    > birds when they take a bath, and they seem to enjoy that,
    > but why haven't my lil budgies tried taking a bath then.
    > If they don't like water, or getting their feathers wet,
    > why would they get sooo close to my other birdies when
    > they're taking a bath,
    > Kitty

    All birds react differently when it comes to water.
    Your budgies are probably happy with just the water that is
    splashed on them from the other birds rather than getting
    into the bath itself.
    What I do find with my birds is that bathing sets off a chain
    reaction amongst the flock. When one or two start to bathe
    either in a bath bowl or water cup, many more seem to want to
    join in even though they are in separate cages.
    I have some that will not bathe to save their souls and those
    birds I put into smaller cages/carriers and shower them
    All my birds get regular baths including the breeders.

    Michael L

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