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Re: An awful experience -- sadder

Posted by Toby's Mom on 10/08/05
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    What may be even sadder is that the owner of this bird could
    have intentionally released it. A former boss of mine
    released her son's budgie to the wild when she got tired of
    taking care of it. At least she had enough sense to ask me
    to help find her son's conure a new home (which I easily
    did), before letting it go too! Too bad she didn't tell me
    the budgie needed a new home as well!

    Unfortunately, may people release animals to the wild when
    they get tired of them. A couple of years ago there was a
    domestic rabbit in my yard. I searched the neighborhood and
    found from another neighbor that one of our community's
    residents would get pets for their kids at Easter and then
    release them later when the kids no longer wanted them. What
    the heck is wrong with people?

    Of course not only do people release birds and rabbits, they
    also release alligators, snakes, fish, and who knows what
    else. Unbelievable!

    On 10/05/05, Claudia bates - Physioc wrote:
    > This is awful.
    > I was driving down the road in suburban Chesterfield Co.
    > Va. this afternoon, and a blue and yellow parakeet flew
    > into my windshield. I drove to the nesrest place i could
    > find, which happened to be a church. Unfortunately, the
    > little guy was dead. His leg band is PBPR3841. I place
    > little body in the woods by the church. I am so
    > sorry .Contact me if you wish.
    > I posted this information on the found bird chatboard, and
    > also on the parrot chatboard. I have several birds myself
    > and I feel awful. What else can I do to locate the owner
    > this little guy? Thanks, Claudia