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Re: mealworms for budgies?

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/05/05
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    On 10/05/05, jill wrote:
    > hey, i read in a book that at times in the wild parakeets
    > had been seen eating insects(small one's) so i went to the
    > local petsmart looking for some type of freeze dried
    > bugs...all i could find was small mealworms but it says on
    > the package they are for seed eaters. it also said they
    > were and excellant source of protien...(50&37;) they seem
    > like them but i thought perhaps i should ask someone if
    > they were ok to give them on a steady basis....thanks in
    > advance, jill

    Well if they're eating them then thats good. My budgie don't
    eat them but nibble on them like as though they're nibbling
    wood, but i usually do not feed the worms to my budgies
    since they're slow eaters and i do not want the poor worms
    to suffer. I read that budgies and cockatiels will eat small
    bugs, but mine are veggie, fruit, and seed eaters.