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Re: Is this "normal" Sad Parakeet

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/06/05
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    On 10/06/05, sandra wrote:
    > Hello! I hope someone can answer my question. I recently
    > trimmed my Parakeet's wings. This is only the third time I
    > have trimmed them since I've had him, and now he seems
    > upset. He has been on his cage all day grooming himself,
    > not tweeting much and does try to bite. Will he be okay,
    > is eating. It just worries me.

    Well my birds just recently got their wings clipped and
    they'll act un happy for a while but with loving care and
    outside time and lots of toys they come back to their
    regular selves, though it takes them a while to understand
    they cannot fly anymore... that make me feel bad to have to
    clip a bird from flying but its for safety but usually i do
    not clip, so thats probably why i feel horrible, lol