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Re: Is this "normal" Sad Parakeet

Posted by jill on 10/08/05
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    it is the best thing for him...we've all known someone who lost
    a bird to the outdoors. some are lucky enough to be
    found....others are not.. with plenty of attention and a few
    treats he will return to normal...i must keep my birds clipped
    regularly due to the location they are at in my home and the
    fact that the only thing that keeps them in the avairy is thier
    own want to....they are very spoiled as well, good luck,jill

    On 10/06/05, sandra wrote:
    > On 10/06/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 10/06/05, sandra wrote:
    >>> Hello! I hope someone can answer my question. I recently
    >>> trimmed my Parakeet's wings. This is only the third time I
    >>> have trimmed them since I've had him, and now he seems
    >> very
    >>> upset. He has been on his cage all day grooming himself,
    >>> not tweeting much and does try to bite. Will he be okay,
    >> he
    >>> is eating. It just worries me.
    >> Well my birds just recently got their wings clipped and
    >> they'll act un happy for a while but with loving care and
    >> outside time and lots of toys they come back to their
    >> regular selves, though it takes them a while to understand
    >> they cannot fly anymore... that make me feel bad to have to
    >> clip a bird from flying but its for safety but usually i do
    >> not clip, so thats probably why i feel horrible, lol
    > Thanks for reassuring me. I feel bad for clipping but I know
    > is the best thing for him. He is very spoiled.