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Post: Hand raising

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/10/05

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    I just wanted to let everyone know that i am now
    handraising a baby since saturday, ofcourse he's still
    thriving. Hey is just the sweetest he is now 11 days old
    and i am planning on taking the hole clutch this wensday.
    Let me tell you a short story;

    Well my motherly instinct to raise a baby when its at age
    kicked in on Saturday, it was like craving chocolate, i
    just had to have one. So i took the eldest since he was a
    monster compared to its other siblings. When i first tried
    feeding him, he look well fed, but i wanted to try any
    ways, but he refused and shook his head away fom the
    spoon. I thought i guess i'll weight a hour and i did, and
    when i looked at him he didn't look so well i guess he was
    hungry. And I thought i guess i am just not worthy enough
    to raise a parrot i am just good at raising finches and
    not hookbills. And well I decided to put him back with his
    mom, and when i rechecked on him he didn't move from where
    i put him and well decided to give myself one more chance
    because i really didn't want untame baby birds or semitame
    birds, so i took the eldest aagin, and i heated up some
    bird formula and he ate! It was like a heavy load on my
    back was lifted, i felt i can could do it. And ever since
    then i have been feeding every hour and getting up at 4am
    and my last feeding around 10pm and having mom wake me up
    at midnight and well, thats how it has been for a few days
    now, and the baby is almost fully fleeced with his white
    down, so cute. He and that youngest sibling have eye
    tinted with red, i cannot weight to raise them all, soon
    i'll have young tame flying birdies. And soon after that
    they'll be gone into their new homes. How sad the circle
    is, because i'll have a new clutch to raise in June. Well
    thats is for now

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