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Re: Eggs and unweaned chicks

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/11/05
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    On 10/10/05, Rowena wrote:
    > Hi all. Quick question - I hope-... Keets doing a great
    > job of raising/feeding the two chicks that hatched, now 31
    > and 36 days old. Still in the nest box, both still
    > feathering up, not quite ready to leave the box yet. Mom
    > has gone and laid another two eggs in with the chicks.
    > Dad seems to be taking over the feedings. Do I need to
    > remove the eggs (and any more that are laid) untill the
    > chicks are weaned? Will mom resume helping with the
    > feedings? Or has she decided enough is enough with this
    > clutch? Oh, and is this any where normal? Thanks Rowena

    Usually the females will stop feeding the young when the
    young are near fledging its helps the young leave the box on
    their own andye sshe'll start laying eggs, if she attacks
    the young then you should take the eggs away, but remember
    this might make the female lay more eggs