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Re: Eggs and unweaned chicks-best laid plans

Posted by Rowena on 10/12/05
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    On 10/12/05, jill wrote:
    > rowena,
    > it may sound like an easy thing to remove the nest box when the
    > next clutch leaves...but sounds like you will be in the same
    > perdicament i have been in recently. my female laid her first
    > clutch....4 out of 7 hatched. by the time the last two started
    > to get feathers she was already laying eggs again. i thought
    > ok...raise these and out comes the box. not in her plans
    > obviously...5 out of 7 hatched this time and while the last two
    > were still too yound to leave the box guessed it....more
    > eggs. the only way to break the cycle is to get rid of the eggs
    > or give them to another female currently on eggs....hard thing
    > sometimes...jill
    Thanks Jill,
    I agree and you're right, hate getting rid of possibly viable
    eggs. But, this great over-productive female needs the rest, both
    mineral-wise and baby-wise. I do have a second pair, a daughter of
    hers that just laid her first eggs about 3 days prior. Worse comes
    to worse, I'll try to slip them in with her. But in anycase, I'll
    have to do whatever soon before the eggs are too far along in
    growth. That would make me feel even worse. Thanks a bunch for
    taking the time to reply, it's always appreciated.