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Re: Best Way to transport BUDGIES?

Posted by Jeff on 10/13/05
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    On 10/13/05, Josephine wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am moving cross country and have 6 birds/3 cages.I am
    > wondering if I should put them all into one big cage? I
    > really need some advice so I won't stress out my little
    > guys.Thank You!

    Birds are very fond at moving around, and so, to a certain
    extent, they're going to be "stressed" out, anyway.

    However, as long as they are all the same species, I would
    put them all in the same cage, only until you arrive at your
    destination, and then place them back in their separate
    cages. If they are different species, then I would keep them
    in separate cages.