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Re: Best Way to transport BUDGIES?

Posted by Popcorn on 10/13/05
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    On 10/13/05, Jeff wrote:
    > On 10/13/05, Josephine wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I am moving cross country and have 6 birds/3 cages.I am
    >> wondering if I should put them all into one big cage? I
    > just
    >> really need some advice so I won't stress out my little
    >> guys.Thank You!
    > Birds are very fond at moving around, and so, to a certain
    > extent, they're going to be "stressed" out, anyway.
    > However, as long as they are all the same species, I would
    > put them all in the same cage, only until you arrive at your
    > destination, and then place them back in their separate
    > cages. If they are different species, then I would keep them
    > in separate cages.

    I would leave them all in there normall cages if at all
    possible. I would not put them with birds they are not used to
    being in a cage with (even if they play together they may not
    want to be roommates). This may reduce some of the stress,
    although they don't tend to like change so they will be
    stressed anyway.