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Post: If and how to make introductions

Posted by Bre on 10/13/05

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    I'm cross-posting this to the cockatiel board.

    A month ago I found a sweet little budgie on the front
    yard, trying to nibble at the grass. we brought him
    inside, gave him some food, and took him to our avian.
    She says he is in good health, very young, and was
    someone's pet before as his nails and wings were recently
    clipped. After searching high and low for his owner, we
    quarantened him for a while, but have since moved his cage
    to the same room as our 2 male cockatiels (brothers who
    share a cage). the budgie will call out to the tiels, who
    will sometimes call back to him, but they have yet to
    really interact. I'm working on handling the budgie and
    getting him used to me, and whenever he's on my shoulder
    he flitters every which way, trying to get to the tiel

    I know he'd love an introduction, but I'm not sure how
    they will react to him. They were hand fed and very much
    believe that they are people, so I'm not sure how they'll
    react to such a "birdy" bird. Does anyone have any
    suggestions on whether or not I can introduce them, and if
    so, how to go about doing it?

    thanks in advance!

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