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Re: deciding factor on clutch size?

Posted by jill on 10/17/05
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    On 10/17/05, Jeff wrote:
    > On 10/16/05, jill wrote:
    >> does anyone know what the deciding factor is on how many
    >> eggs are laid in a clutch? thanks in advance, jill
    > Jill,
    > I'm not so sure there is a "deciding factor" of how many
    > eggs a budgie will lay in any given clutch.
    > However, and this is just based on my 2-year experience with
    > breeding budgies, I think one prominent factor would
    > be, "diet." First, the hen (i.e., female) needs plenty of
    > calcium in her diet, for as she lays eggs this depletes her
    > body of calcium. If that calcium is not replenished, then
    > she will not be able to produce eggs.
    > It is important, therefore, to be sure that you have a
    > cuttle bone in the cage, especially during breeding season,
    > but it is important to keep one in the cage at all times.
    > During breeding season, you will see the cuttlebone diminish
    > more rapidly than during the off season; this is because the
    > hen continually replenishes herself with calcium, through
    > the cuttlebone.
    > As the eggs begin to hatch, and I've experienced this with
    > my budgies, the hen will sometimes actually eat the egg
    > shells after her chick has hatched. She is simply
    > replenishing herself with calcium, in addition to helping
    > with the hatching process.
    > Generally, however, budgies lay anywhere between 4-7 eggs
    > per clutch. My smallest clutch was 4, and my largest clutch
    > was 9, which is a VERY large clutch for a budgie. However,
    > only 7 of the 9 hatched. Not sure why the 3 didn't hatch. I
    > suppose there could be various reasons for this.
    > I hope this helps you....

    anything is helpful. you never know what little tidbits you
    will pick up when you ask a question, thanks for your