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Re: if any-one is actually interested.....

Posted by jt on 10/19/05
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    On 10/19/05, someone interested wrote:
    > On 10/18/05, anna wrote:
    >> i know most of you think i was a joke poster
    >> ago...but if any-one out there actually took me seriously
    >> and is interested... i now have 5 babies.. all are doing
    >> well and growing really fast. The parents are now in
    >> separate cages so i will not be having any more eggs laid.
    >> thank you to those who actually responded with help and
    >> advice. dont quite know what i am going to do with these
    >> babies yet...not sure if i want 7 budgies lol. i might
    >> just keep one or 2 i can handle that.
    > love to see some pics of your new babies....let us know!
    > someone interested

    >congrats on the babies.. should you decide to keep them in one
    big cage, if you ever get any more eggs, just shake them up or
    freeze them and discard if you dont want them to hatch. cant
    wait to hear how they are doing. -jt