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Re: Recipe needed!! asap

Posted by jt on 10/19/05
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    On 10/19/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 10/19/05, toni kelly wrote:
    >> Can anyone help? I have 3 baby budgies I need to hand rear.
    >> Their mother and father some how managed to escape from
    >> the cage leaving their young behind for me to look after.
    >> I am wanting to know wether anyone can tell me a simple
    >> home made mixture to feed the baby budgies.
    >> I have been looking on the net for hours and can only find
    >> pages that tell you to go to you lps, but I can't get
    >> there till the week end and I thing it would be safe to
    >> say that If I leave it that long I won't need it coz they
    >> will be dead!!!!!
    > Are you able to hand feed? Only asking as if you've never
    > done it before, the concept of making a home made formula is
    > going to overwhelm you.
    > Michael L

    >at this point i think your best bet would be to go to an
    online pet store (epals, drsfosterandsmith, petsmart, etc) and
    purchase and have it delived OVERNIGHT. this may cost a bit
    more than what you would normally spend, but i think this is a
    worthy cause. -jt