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Re: How many times should i feed daily/baby budgies

Posted by Michael L on 10/24/05
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    On 10/24/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Well i believe some of you know thta i am raising baby
    > budgies. The oldest is now 25 days old and the youngest is
    > 21 days old. I am feeding every 1hr 30mins. And mom feeds
    > them once or twice while i am at school. When i leave for
    > school i put them in a cage with a dry washcloth, some
    > toys and millet spray, they are very curios of things and
    > wonder around. I was wondering if i should slow down on
    > feeding so my birds can slowly wean. Any ideas, thansk
    > Kitty.J

    Hi Kitty,

    Not sure if I understand you completely?
    At this age, if they are not in a nest box with their Mother,
    they should be in a brooder with a heat source. It's too
    early for a cage. And if Mom is feeding them while you're at
    school what cage is she in?
    At this age they can be fed about every 6 hours and do not
    have to be fed during the night.
    What formula are you feeding them?

    Michael L