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Re: Pumpkin Seeds?

Posted by Sarah on 10/31/05
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    On 10/30/05, popcorn wrote:
    > On 10/30/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> Hey everyone! just getting ready for the holiday season. I
    >> was wondering if clean and roasted pumpkin seeds are ok for
    >> the budgies. Thanks a bunch!:) ~Sarah
    > I didn't even clean or roast them. I put a few seeds and
    > some globs of pumpkin in a bowl in the fridge and will give
    > it to them tomorrow. Don't put salt or anything on them if
    > you are going to cook them. This will be the first time my
    > birdies get pumpkin, so in the morning I think they'll be
    > surprised.

    Oh, man. I already cooked them and put salt on them. Oh well, maybe next year!!

    P.S. This is my birdies first Halloween!!:)