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Re: daddy passed away..what now ????

Posted by jt on 11/01/05
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    On 11/01/05, Lisa Taylor wrote:
    > and left mom sitting on 4 eggs!! whats should i do? will she
    > be okay raising them on her own?? i dont have any other
    > parents on eggs right now...only nesting... i do have a pr
    > on recently hatched babies but they are lovies.... help
    > please...

    >i have never had personal experience with this, but i have
    heard that sometimes a single mother can cope with a few
    babies, provided she has enough food. if you want to help
    her, you could supplement handfeed when they hatch (handfeed
    the babies a few times a day, but leave them in the nest box
    for the mom to do some of it, too). this way, the mom will
    get some help feeding the babies, but you wont have to
    handfeed them all yourself. how did the father die? if it was
    some disease, maybe you should get your birds checked out.
    good luck to you! -jt