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Re: daddy passed away..what now ????

Posted by Lisa on 11/01/05
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    i talked to the prior owner and she had bought the pr elsewhere
    herself and did not kow their ages... so he could have passed of
    normal old age... she said she believed the mom would do fine on
    her own...though i d have handfeeding exp w/tiels at day one
    (damn what a job!) i dont with keets.... i already planned on
    pulling them to handfeed but wanted to make sure she could
    manage until i do that.... or until another pair lays a few then
    i could foster a few by moving the eggs into the other parents
    nestbox... i will wait and see how she does..i put a tiny dish
    of seed and a millet spray VERY close to the box in hopes she
    will come out to eat...