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Re: daddy passed away..what now ????

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/02/05
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    On 11/01/05, Lisa wrote:
    > i talked to the prior owner and she had bought the pr elsewhere
    > herself and did not kow their ages... so he could have passed
    > normal old age... she said she believed the mom would do fine
    > her own...though i d have handfeeding exp w/tiels at day one
    > (damn what a job!) i dont with keets.... i already planned on
    > pulling them to handfeed but wanted to make sure she could
    > manage until i do that.... or until another pair lays a few
    > i could foster a few by moving the eggs into the other
    > nestbox... i will wait and see how she does..i put a tiny dish
    > of seed and a millet spray VERY close to the box in hopes she
    > will come out to eat...

    It may be possible fo her to hatch them but she'll need to eat
    and get out of the nest to eat on her own, buit this will ruin
    her eggs chance of hatching, and if they do hatch she needs to
    keep them warm, but feed them too. And if she gets off them for
    too long her clutch may die, so there may be a chance for her to
    raise them on her own. But usually at a certain age the father
    will take over and feed them so she may abandon them when they
    reach a certain age. Also if she just laid the clutch it may be
    better just to throw them away and get her a new mate if thats
    what you want. Remember to feed lots of good foods with the
    seeds, she'll need her strength if you plan on having her stay
    on the clutch... Good luck