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Post: Should i be worried?

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/02/05

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    Well for the past week my oldest baby eats less and less,
    yes he started to eat seeds, and on moneday he just quit
    eating the formula i was feeding them, the others still
    eat and fill their crops with it, and eat alittle food. My
    oldest can fly now and is very affectionate but should he
    just quit like that, i offer food but thats when i find
    out he can fly, because he kept looking somewhere like a
    place to run so then he flew around the room for the first
    time and landed on a cage so whenever he is out he flies
    around clumsly and eat whats on the ground or bottom of
    the cage. I guess if this is normal, thats why baby
    budgies in the wild leave their parents only 2 days after
    fledging... and he is soo cute... could be a she. But i
    was pretending to be a male budgie and bob my finger up
    and down and and trying to imitate my male bird's Kiki an
    Gracie. But... I guess my baby who is only 34 days old
    thought i was begging for food and started to do weird
    neck moevments and spit up some of his seed. So i returned
    the favour and i stuck some seeds in my hot water and the
    seeds became softer like as though they've been in my own
    crop, and i put my fingers next to his beak and well he
    ate them, lol. Do birds have chins, or no? i am just
    wondering because when they fluff up someties their lower
    manible looks like a chin, lol.

    Also.... I found out about starlings reproduction cycl, i
    believe they breed when they are 2 years old in the wild.
    My starling is starting to change feet color. Its turing
    pink!!! his beak seems the same, long So
    i guess starlings in thw wild breed when they're two
    because my starling is a year old and few months, and just
    started to change, and i feed my birds the best of foods
    from small grapes, and many types of fruit and veggies and
    bugs. I am so proud of my birdies.

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