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Re: Michael L. - Need your advice ASAP!/Michael L.

Posted by Rowena on 11/14/05
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    On 11/10/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 11/10/05, Rowena wrote:
    >> Need to pick your brain!! Momma keet has 2 two week old
    >> hatchlings in box, just hatched another egg last night! I
    >> don't think she's feeding it, got it pushed off to the side
    >> of the nest box away from it's siblings and it's crop looks
    >> empty. I have some societies on new hatchlings right now,
    >> will/can they foster a keet baby? I've had them foster
    >> other finch hatchlings but don't know about a keet baby.
    >> Need to do something real soon, don't know how to
    >> handfeed. Ideas???????!!!!!
    >> Rowena
    > Rowena,
    > Can you try putting the baby back next to the other two?
    > Often times parent birds will fixate on feeding a finite
    > number of babies. If more hatch they are ignored and pushed
    > aside. There could also be something wrong with the little
    > one that is not apparent to you, but is to the parents.
    > As far as fostering under a softbill, such as a Society, I
    > would think the feeding response wold be very different than
    > that of a hookbill.
    > Personally, before I'd move it to the Society pair, I'd try
    > moving it back in with the other two chicks.
    > If you're unable to hand feed, you really don't have another
    > choice.
    > Best of luck.
    > Michael L

    Thanks Michael. Called on you originally because you seem to
    have the best common sense advice on this board for the most
    part. Actually, didn't even wait for replies, went to my vet
    and got shown how to handfeed, picked up the formula, and went
    home. Was gone about 2 hours or so after posting the message,
    but baby was already gone. Vet said pretty much same thing,
    possibly something wrong with it that momma sensed. Since this
    was an "accidental" clutch, I don't intentionally breed, these
    two were in quarantine time when they did their own thing (just
    like the societies), just wasn't prepared for babies yet.
    Maybe now I am (NOT!). Don't have the birds for breeding
    purposes, just love watching and listening. Thanks for the
    advice. I'll keep it for the future, just in case. And, vet
    said same thing you did, finches would hatch the eggs, but
    probably wouldn't be able to feed it. Thanks again for trying,