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Re: Rowena

Posted by Michael L on 11/14/05
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    > Thanks Michael. Called on you originally because you seem to
    > have the best common sense advice on this board for the most
    > part. Actually, didn't even wait for replies, went to my vet
    > and got shown how to handfeed, picked up the formula, and went
    > home. Was gone about 2 hours or so after posting the message,
    > but baby was already gone. Vet said pretty much same thing,
    > possibly something wrong with it that momma sensed. Since this
    > was an "accidental" clutch, I don't intentionally breed, these
    > two were in quarantine time when they did their own thing (just
    > like the societies), just wasn't prepared for babies yet.
    > Maybe now I am (NOT!). Don't have the birds for breeding
    > purposes, just love watching and listening. Thanks for the
    > advice. I'll keep it for the future, just in case. And, vet
    > said same thing you did, finches would hatch the eggs, but
    > probably wouldn't be able to feed it. Thanks again for trying,
    > Rowena

    Sorry to hear you lost the little one, but there was a lot
    learned from this mishap.
    Hopefully, the other chicks will be fine and grow up to be great

    Michael L