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Re: Very unhappy bird owner and VERY unhappy keet.

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/14/05
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    On 11/11/05, Cassie wrote:
    > I am having a major problem. I have 2 tiels I have had for
    > 5 years and I just bought 2 hand-fed keets last month. The
    > keets were bought with health problems which were not
    > apparent until the next day and I rushed them to the vet.
    > They have been given a clean bill of health from my avian
    > vet.
    > One is a very good potential pet, he knows step-up and is
    > very social with my tiels. The other one is flighty and
    > nippy, and picks fights with the tiels, and with a quaker
    > parakeet (I never let him out the same time as the other
    > birds, he gets his own specail time) I take care of a
    > couple days out of the week, teasing him outside the cage
    > and screaming. I now keep the quaker in a different room
    > when quaker comes over. When the parakeet bites, he draws
    > blood. He wants nothing more then to be with his brother,
    > who I think is his clutch mate, and bites the bars of his
    > cage trying to get out, taking the powder coat off the
    > bars. The other one is not like this. I have seperated the
    > brothers because of this behavior, where he also tries to
    > fight his brother (the good one), who is actually larger
    > and bulkier then he.
    > They were hand fed, but this one was not eating, so on top
    > of medicating them both, I had to syringe-feed him for
    > another 11 days. When he finally refused the syringe for
    > five days straight, I quit offering it.
    > He refuses to learn step-up and will not perch on anyone's
    > hand. When he's out of the cage, he becomes a very bad
    > influence on his brother, and they both start picking
    > fights. When his brother is out by himself, he has no
    > problem with the tiels, and even grooms one.
    > I am unsure what to do. They are on the same 1/4 seed and
    > 3/4 pellet diet, eat millet and have a variety of food
    > offered to them every day. He refuses to eat anything
    > outside of the pellets and seeds I leave for him a part of
    > his normal diet.
    > He is an English budgie, crested and Amarican parakeet
    > mixed bloodline, and is a cinnimon color.
    > If I cannot break him of these nasty habits, I will
    > definately find him a new home, but I am afraid he cannot
    > go to a home that is/are new bird owners, or a home with
    > small children. I have already begun a search to find him
    > new home, but I don't know what to do outside of that, and
    > I think it is cruel to him what he is going though. Even
    > vet is stumped.
    > I have tried isolating him, which drives him further to
    > this cage-biting behavior, I have tried rewarding him with
    > treats and I have tried time outs. I have been working
    > this bird since the end of their medication three weeks
    > ago, and the other is a gem.
    > To say the least, HELP!

    Sounds like the aggressor is a female. Its just territorial
    problems, she may get sue to the other birds and will calm
    down. My moms baby i just raised acts like a semi tam ebird,
    when around othe rbirds. She'll even pick fights will my
    starling who is 2-3 times larger than her! But when alone,
    she is such a sweety. I think the females are a bit more
    territorial, and there is nothing much that can break them
    of that habit. Well not that i am aware of.