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Re: Very unhappy bird owner and VERY unhappy keet.

Posted by jill on 11/14/05
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    sometimes being under alot of stress will start a bird to
    molting. sometimes persisitance is the key when dealing with a
    mistreated animal(not just a bird) it takes them a long time
    sometimes to learn to trust. the other one may not have been
    abused as much or as often as this particular fella. slow easy
    movements....maybe just open the cage door and leave it open
    while your in the room for a few days, then once that's ok with
    him try resting your hand on the door for 5 min a day for a
    couple of days, when this is ok...try reaching in to pet
    him....he may just be very nervous...with persistance he will
    come out of it. are you certain this is a male? sounds more
    female is all....hope this helps somehow, jill

    On 11/14/05, Cassie wrote:
    > Thank you, Kitty- but it seems then there is a bigger problem.
    > Female of male, this is unacceptable.
    > Every book I read said to take the bird into a different room,
    > one that they are not familiar with to train, because they
    > be on their best behavior because of the new situations and
    > dot-dot. I don't want to give up, but this little $#17 bit my
    > hand (drew blood), crawled up my sweat shirt and bit my ear.
    > took the skin right off the lobe in a V-shape, and it still
    > hurts. (What was I going to do? Swat him? And he bit HARD.)
    > I have tried this a couple times- I have taken him to my
    > sisters (where he went under the couch when he tried to take
    > flight and ran), I have closed every door and gone into the
    > hallway and in my bedroom. Every time, he take flight and runs.
    > He does the same thing to my boyfreind and a gal pal of mine
    > who both have tried to work with him, so it's not just me he
    > biting then runs.
    > He has begun to hiss at other birds, makes threatening poses
    > would assume) at my tiels. They ignore the keet and don't make
    > a fuss, but he almost get's upset that they all don't scream
    > and hollar when he starts up. Eventually, they do, then the
    > keet shuts up.
    > Now lately, he will sit on his swing with his back to everyone
    > and hang his head. He looks depressed. I do the week-in-week-
    > out toy thing, but when I am home, it does not look like he
    > plays with the toys at all.
    > I just don't know what to do. Now that he's old enough, either
    > he has started his first moult, or he's started to pluck. I
    > found a couple stray feathers on the slide-out tray under his
    > cage, and one was from his tail, the other looks like a breast
    > feather.
    > I just don't know what to do. He looks like he's getting
    > worse...
    > On 11/14/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Sounds like the aggressor is a female. Its just territorial
    >> problems, she may get sue to the other birds and will calm
    >> down. My moms baby i just raised acts like a semi tam ebird,
    >> when around othe rbirds. She'll even pick fights will my
    >> starling who is 2-3 times larger than her! But when alone,
    >> she is such a sweety. I think the females are a bit more
    >> territorial, and there is nothing much that can break them
    >> of that habit. Well not that i am aware of.