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Re: More neglect then abuse.. And a pic!

Posted by Jessica on 11/15/05
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    Oh good! What a relief that your Ginger was tested negative for PBFD.
    Funny... I once had a cinnamon colored lovebird I named Ginger.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have a good handle on things from your end.
    Taking your birds to the vet and having them tested for various illnesses
    was the best thing you could have done. I'm happy that your vet ran
    blood tests and could find only a Vitamin A deficiency. I'm sorry to
    hear, however, that the extreme clip the breeder gave your keet has
    caused so many other problems. :( How sad.

    Hearing all about what your keet is going through, I think to myself "no
    wonder she's a little cranky!" Don't give up on her! Perhaps she will
    come around with a little time, attention, and love. I know I sure can
    feel awful cranky when I'm not feeling in good health.

    On 11/15/05, Cassie wrote:
    > I took one look at that an thought "PBFD"...? "Peanut Butter Federally
    > Delivered?"
    > I witnessed him preening and a feather falling out. I know I stressed
    > him out more, but I wrapped him in a towel to look at his back end, and
    > it looked like an infected feather. I kept the feather (I keep one of
    > all my birds for scrapbooking purposes) and the feather shaft looks
    > milky in the middle, and the caritin case was splintered, thus it grew
    > in catywampuss.
    > Not knowing what PBFD was, I called my vet- "Something" Beak and
    > Feather Disorder (Sorry, I not good with technical terms). When I took
    > them to the vet that first day, she clipped a nail too short on both to
    > collect blood. She sent out samples of the blood for tests, and it all
    > came back (wether positive or negitive- I didn't catch that. I was a
    > little hazed and upset when I called...) that they didn't have anything
    > life threatening, save a low vitimin A count(fixed by vitamins in the
    > water and LOTS of veggies). She just didn't tell me because it did not
    > warrent attention with all the rest of the parade of problems this bird
    > has.
    > I also asked her about the feather, and judging from the extrem clip of
    > the wings, all he had to do was fall wrong on a "new pin", and if the
    > feather was not removed if it was bleeding, the feather would still
    > grow, but it grew in damaged. It's not surpising really, the pore was
    > enlarged and pussy, and the cluster of feathers were all stuck together
    > from the infection that dried. Funny. You couldn't tell just by
    > looking. At least 9 or 10 feathers are connected by the scab the puss
    > created. The vet called in more antibiatics for Ginger.
    > Ginger must have pulled it out because it was too painful being in. I
    > guess I need to start looking at all my birds' tail feathers when I do
    > my routine blood-feather check. I usually only do it to the wings. It
    > never dawned on me to check the tail as well.
    > He's flopping around in a tub of warm water right now. (The vet and) I
    > want that scab to loosen up a bit, it looks painful. It dried so none
    > of the feathers in that cluster can move, so when he stretches, he gets
    > more and more cranky because the scab is pulling on the good feathers.
    > And once it does, maybe it will make him happier.
    > This sure is a crash course in vetrinary medicine... I should change my
    > major for college ^_^