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Re: Is it a myth? Female versus Male keets

Posted by Cassie on 11/15/05
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    I'm glad too. I get cranky when I get a paper-cut, so I can only wonder
    what he's feeling. I have to wait until leter to pick up the meds, as the
    vet told me she has an emergency surgery at 3:00, and she wants to give me
    a good dose of medicine ready to give when I get home. She has it mixed and
    in the refridgerator- Dycural I think is what she called it.

    The respitory infection just seems to be the outcome of the previous home
    due to uncleanliness, as Dr Buck cannot find a substantial cause.

    However, I have done a little research on budgies and color and sex and
    such... Is it true that females can be more agressive and snotty?

    Ginger's nose has purple on the sides on the very edges of the cere, but
    the blue is slowly turning a brown-ish color. Would this indicate a female?

    My research is basicly saying that some females have a tendency of having
    a "bug up their butt" and it's just their nature, from what some owners and
    breeders have dealt with- people thinking that the bird is unhealthy when
    they exude devilish behavior, but just end up being little feathered jerks.
    One website even stated they do not sell female parakeets because they are
    fairly mean (I did not purchase from this person, for one, what do they do
    with all the born females???) and one breeder told me the same thing when I
    called for prices. I did not buy from that breeder either because I thought
    it was a load of hooey.

    Unfortunately, the breeders I really trust are either retired, out of
    buisness or just do not breed anything smaller then a cockatiel.

    On 11/15/05, Jessica wrote:
    > Cassie,
    > Oh good! What a relief that your Ginger was tested negative for PBFD.
    > Funny... I once had a cinnamon colored lovebird I named Ginger.
    > Anyway, it sounds like you have a good handle on things from your end.
    > Taking your birds to the vet and having them tested for various illnesses
    > was the best thing you could have done. I'm happy that your vet ran
    > blood tests and could find only a Vitamin A deficiency. I'm sorry to
    > hear, however, that the extreme clip the breeder gave your keet has
    > caused so many other problems. :( How sad.
    > Hearing all about what your keet is going through, I think to myself "no
    > wonder she's a little cranky!" Don't give up on her! Perhaps she will
    > come around with a little time, attention, and love. I know I sure can
    > feel awful cranky when I'm not feeling in good health.