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Re: I shouldn't have done- but it worked/ In your opinion?

Posted by Jim on 11/17/05
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    On 11/17/05, Cassima wrote:
    > Er... yeah. Patience. I act like I have it in mounds when I am really
    > smoldering inside. I have been told I am a good actress.
    > Well... I did something that was a little un-orthidox this morning. I reached
    > into the cage to get the water bowl from Ginger, and she went berserker. I did
    > not yell, I did not say anything. I pulled my hand out and she was attatched to
    > my thumb. All I said was "You little beast. You are getting SOCAILIZED wether
    > you like it or NOT." I shook her off into Vigo's cage (tiel).
    > For about two minutes off-and-on, she chased him, running circles around a toy
    > hanging from the center of the cage. Vigo is starting to pick up a few words
    > and "Stop!" is one that is heard in my house a lot, and it sounded like that
    > was coming out of him "StopStopStopStopStop". It was garbled and sounded more
    > like "Stah" being repeated. Finally, he stopped, turned around and lit looked
    > like he knocked her a good one on the top of the head. He lowered his head and
    > I swere I SWERE I heard "I said STOP, chicky-bird!" She stood up and shook it
    > off; it looked like they had a stare off.
    > I call all my birds chicky-bird when they get rowdy or when I find them in
    > trouble. Any more, the only thing that gets Vigo's attention is when I say "I
    > said STOP", and call him "chicky-bird". That little rat...
    > She stopped, all right. Vigo and I watched as she mosied over to the millet
    > spray and eat. Vigo followed, and stood right next to her and ate. I am very...
    > confused... I left them together for about ten minutes, and she looked like she
    > calmed down. The whole time they were together, it looked like she finally came
    > to a mutual agreement with Vigo, but it took a smackdown to do it. There is
    > always a bigger fis-uh... bird. (Star Wars moment)
    > I have all four of them out right now, eating veggies on the top of the cage.
    > Brahm still hisses if she gets too close, but Ginger is leaving the teils
    > alone. At least she does not carry a grudge. I have not handled her since I
    > stepped them up to the top of a flight cage to munch. She didn't try to take
    > flight like she always has. My thumb still smarts, and there is a little bruise
    > where she got me. We will have to see where this goes.
    > It looks like there was a bit of an attitude adjustment, at least towards my
    > teils. I have their cages where all of them are at the same height (give or
    > take a 1/2 inch) but I do not want any of the birds to feel superior to the
    > others, so I have all of their perches at the same height. All I care about (If
    > she is going to be in my home for now) is that she gets socailized with other
    > birds. This way, I can pair her up (If there is not a major difference after
    > Christmas in her behavior) and at least give her to a breeder as a bonded pair
    > next Spring.
    > So far, they are all preening and crooning, all four on the top of the cage. I
    > have fiddled with this-and-that now for about 3 hours since I started writting
    > this, but it seems she's accepted the presence of other birds. We shall call
    > this Step One.
    > Now, let's see if it stays this way and is not a temporary feeling...
    > ...............
    You sure sound like one vicious female. Just wonder if you have an ounce of
    genuine love or concern for birds at all? You want to give her away to a breeder
    anyway so with a bit of luck she will be happier than with you mate. There are
    some people who in my opinion should be locked up in cages at least until they
    get the knowledge of "thinking like a bird" Far too many people think
    birds/animals in general are just chattells for their indulgances. Nice words
    from you "Rat" and "smackdown" etc.
    Gees some people turn me right of some people