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Re: I shouldn't have done- but it worked/ In your opinion?

Posted by Clare on 11/17/05
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    On 11/17/05, Jim wrote:
    > On 11/17/05, Cassima wrote:
    >> Er... yeah. Patience. I act like I have it in mounds when I am really
    >> smoldering inside. I have been told I am a good actress.
    >> Well... I did something that was a little un-orthidox this morning. I reached
    >> into the cage to get the water bowl from Ginger, and she went berserker. I did
    >> not yell, I did not say anything. I pulled my hand out and she was attatched to
    >> my thumb. All I said was "You little beast. You are getting SOCAILIZED wether
    >> you like it or NOT." I shook her off into Vigo's cage (tiel).
    >> For about two minutes off-and-on, she chased him, running circles around a toy
    >> hanging from the center of the cage. Vigo is starting to pick up a few words
    >> and "Stop!" is one that is heard in my house a lot, and it sounded like that
    >> was coming out of him "StopStopStopStopStop". It was garbled and sounded more
    >> like "Stah" being repeated. Finally, he stopped, turned around and lit looked
    >> like he knocked her a good one on the top of the head. He lowered his head and
    >> I swere I SWERE I heard "I said STOP, chicky-bird!" She stood up and shook it
    >> off; it looked like they had a stare off.
    >> I call all my birds chicky-bird when they get rowdy or when I find them in
    >> trouble. Any more, the only thing that gets Vigo's attention is when I say "I
    >> said STOP", and call him "chicky-bird". That little rat...
    >> She stopped, all right. Vigo and I watched as she mosied over to the millet
    >> spray and eat. Vigo followed, and stood right next to her and ate. I am very...
    >> confused... I left them together for about ten minutes, and she looked like she
    >> calmed down. The whole time they were together, it looked like she finally came
    >> to a mutual agreement with Vigo, but it took a smackdown to do it. There is
    >> always a bigger fis-uh... bird. (Star Wars moment)
    >> I have all four of them out right now, eating veggies on the top of the cage.
    >> Brahm still hisses if she gets too close, but Ginger is leaving the teils
    >> alone. At least she does not carry a grudge. I have not handled her since I
    >> stepped them up to the top of a flight cage to munch. She didn't try to take
    >> flight like she always has. My thumb still smarts, and there is a little bruise
    >> where she got me. We will have to see where this goes.
    >> It looks like there was a bit of an attitude adjustment, at least towards my
    >> teils. I have their cages where all of them are at the same height (give or
    >> take a 1/2 inch) but I do not want any of the birds to feel superior to the
    >> others, so I have all of their perches at the same height. All I care about (If
    >> she is going to be in my home for now) is that she gets socailized with other
    >> birds. This way, I can pair her up (If there is not a major difference after
    >> Christmas in her behavior) and at least give her to a breeder as a bonded pair
    >> next Spring.
    >> So far, they are all preening and crooning, all four on the top of the cage. I
    >> have fiddled with this-and-that now for about 3 hours since I started writting
    >> this, but it seems she's accepted the presence of other birds. We shall call
    >> this Step One.
    >> Now, let's see if it stays this way and is not a temporary feeling...
    >> ...............
    > You sure sound like one vicious female. Just wonder if you have an ounce of
    > genuine love or concern for birds at all? You want to give her away to a breeder
    > anyway so with a bit of luck she will be happier than with you mate. There are
    > some people who in my opinion should be locked up in cages at least until they
    > get the knowledge of "thinking like a bird" Far too many people think
    > birds/animals in general are just chattells for their indulgances. Nice words
    > from you "Rat" and "smackdown" etc.
    > Gees some people turn me right of some people

    > Jim
    Cassima, it is okay for what u did, just make sure the birds do not get hurt.I
    agree with jim though on your words, they could have been a little strong, but just
    try not to use those in future reference thats all