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Re: ...???... Woof. I feel better now. MY OPINION. Thank you.

Posted by Cassie on 11/18/05
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    I do not appriciate the crticality of these past two responces. Words are words, and
    it is my event to tell, and I told it MY way. Tis freedom of speech. I did not curse
    nor did I attack anyone with the written word; nothing was stated that should have
    offended anyone. I did, after all, admit my spur-of-the-moment reaction was uncalled
    for, however, if "smack-down" is so bad, would you prefer "bi!(h-beaked"? I can get
    uber-discriptive if you would rather, but everything I write is honest to the events
    that took place. Did you even read the whole story on what I am going through with
    this bird? I came looking for help and ended up with a drill because of salty
    language. Even if my words were a "little strong", I say again, freedom of speech.
    There are stronger words out there, and you should be happy I feigned from using
    those- I do not think I need to elaborate on what those words are.

    Please try not to make assuptions on people you don't know. You seem to be intelegent
    individuals, however I have never posted to you, or read posts by you to me until
    now, and as far as being vicious, thank you. Most co-workers and freinds consider me
    a pussycat and that I don't have a back bone and crumble at the sight of something
    cute. I just find it funny you find me so... cold and abusive. How's that for nice
    words from me ^_-

    I have had my birds for five years myself in my own home; buying the food, paying for
    care, giving them the best of the best in everything possible- but I had a macaw
    since age 7 until six years ago (in case you want to flame me for this, I moved out
    of my parents house into my own home and they wanted to keep Ivy. I want to nip this
    in the tucker before anyone else does). Lock me up, I would do fine.

    Just curious; how would you so eloquently state such an eventful morning?

    "I gentaly quaked my arm to get the budgie to release me from her not-so-tender
    beaking on my finger that broke skin into the cage of a cockatiel where the overly-
    upset budgie got a love-tap on the head from the teil, and the I went out for tea and
    crumpets because the world was a utopia again."

    You have got to be kidding me. It's better to call someone a "rat" versus other
    fragrant words in the English volcabulary. When you get suprized, I'm certainly sure
    a few of those colorful little words pass through your mind, and maybe out via a slip
    of the tongue. I did not expect Ginger to grab hold and not let go. Right now, one of
    my birds is to the point of talking and picking up phrases- I can't just stub my toe
    and say the usual dock-worker lingo. That last thing I need to do is have my
    grandmother come over and hear one of my birds go "Son of a monkey lovin' bannana!" I
    would prefer to hear a verbose "RAT!" then see grandma have a heart attack.

    It's not the happiness of one, but the happiness of all. I have had to take a lot of
    time away from the rest of my birds to focus on this problem, and this is the first
    time it has been any different. There are only three ways she can go- get better,
    stay the same or get worse. If she gets better, she is more then welcome in my home.
    If she stays the same, I will keep her around to try to cure some of the symptems of
    what ever mental issue she has and give her a different outlit for it then fingers
    and earlobes. I have been bitten by a bigger bird, and it was MUCH worse, but for a
    youngling that has yet to be five months old, this should not be happening. If she
    gets worse, I have to re-home her. She did not have a great start off at life, and
    that is not my fault, but I refuse to have any bird in my home with a volitile
    temperment that could possibly harm a child the way it has harmed me; I fear for my
    birds' lives because of this. You can't slap a bird, so how could that child react to
    a bite? I am not willing to let that happen, no matter how remote the possibility.
    And I'm sure everyone else in the world has had all perfect little angels fly into
    their home knowing step-up and have the greatest personality.

    My birds are highly supervised by me, and when I am not in the room, they are in
    their seperate cages. I bought those special flight cages that are 25 by 16 or
    something- lots of room for a single bird, and if needed, two or three could be in
    one comfortably for a short time, like for trips to see the vet when I wrangle the
    flock together for a vet visit. I never took my eyes off the cage when I had them in
    the cage together for the first time. At that, Ginger never gave me a problem the
    whole day and actually stepped-up on command. Kudos.

    And as far as "genuine love and concern for birds", both of my cockatiels are
    rescues, one from the MASPCA (a freind who works with them tried to help me find a
    kitten to adopt, but I found Vigo instead) and the other is from someone who found
    them in the back yard and did not want him. A breeder gave me Myst because she was
    much older then what people look for in birds. If I did not have any "love"
    or "concern", they might not be here in my home in my life and loved and come first
    in ANY decision I make, or I could be like every other person who wants to see dollar
    signs and buy a couple females and make babies. I take other people's animals to the
    vet if they cannot afford it. Do you? What I do is NOT at all for the owner, it is
    what is best for the companian.

    I have three other birds I have to think about. Before I took in the budgies, I gave
    a teil to my sister because she was a troublemaker, really hated being around other
    birds and caused too much rukus when the other two did their natural behaviors. I did
    not do it as a favor for my sister, I did it for Myst, the cockatiel, and she is SO
    much happier now, and her attitude changed. She had to be in a home where she was the
    only center of attention. Along that same line, I would never give this keet to
    someone who does not have experience with birds nor give it as a "pet" to a family of
    new bird owners that have no clue the kind of issues this bird has and what she needs-
    I'm still learning about her. If it does not improve any, I will have to resort to
    giving her to a breeder. My sister offered to take her, but with the way Myst is, I
    don't want to destory Myst's new-found happiness.

    In closing: My only indulgance is chocolate, and my birds are my priority. Just
    because I did not word my post the same as you "would have" does not make me a bad
    person. If you were an English professor working on a text critique, then I care. If
    not, I'm sorry, but what is posted is posted- I can't change it. The chastizing
    to/about me about irrelevant items does not help solve Ginger's problems.

    If you have any other comments on the faults of my style of writing, please allow me
    to direct you to the Socail Board where irrelevent topics like this, that are non-
    avian, are welcome and I would address them and pop in every now and again for a
    special appearance if they were specificly about ME. I do not mind debating things
    about me that most people do not know.


    On 11/17/05, Clare wrote:
    > On 11/17/05, Jim wrote:
    >> You sure sound like one vicious female. Just wonder if you have an ounce of
    >> genuine love or concern for birds at all? You want to give her away to a breeder
    >> anyway so with a bit of luck she will be happier than with you mate. There are
    >> some people who in my opinion should be locked up in cages at least until they
    >> get the knowledge of "thinking like a bird" Far too many people think
    >> birds/animals in general are just chattells for their indulgances. Nice words
    >> from you "Rat" and "smackdown" etc.
    >> Gees some people turn me right of some people
    >> Jim
    > Cassima, it is okay for what u did, just make sure the birds do not get hurt.I
    > agree with jim though on your words, they could have been a little strong, but just
    > try not to use those in future reference thats all
    > Clare

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