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Re: ...What a Fruit Cake" ^_^ mmm... That sounds good

Posted by Fruit Cake <3 on 11/19/05
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    I should not waste my time responding to you, but since you have a ~professional~ opinion
    on my mental health based on one flacking post, I started laughing so hard I just had to
    share with you how I feel <3

    But I ~do~ like you :D

    On 11/18/05, Jim. wrote:
    > I did not make mention of your spelling at all! I have to admit I am amazed at
    > the new words you have added to the English language nevertheless :)

    Having a major in English does that, but I never claimed to have good spelling. And this
    makes a difference for my keet, who I am trying to get help for? If you were really that
    savvy with the American version of the English language, try to Google the words you do
    not understand.

    "Smackdown" is an english term in professional wrestling (and, no I do not understand why
    the foot and fist soap opera is considered a professional sport in the first place) and
    if you were the least bit masterful to the American pop culture, which I am sure you
    aren't, being that you are from Australia (and I have no expectation you should be, don't
    get me wrong), you would know that.

    It is not my fault you aren't, nor is it my fault you can't handle the difference in
    culture with the use of language. You would probably never use the term "smackdown", as I
    would never call someone "mate", eh?

    > I hold with the thought I would not like to be a bird living with you mate!!!!

    If you have issues with me having birds, Ce la Vie (That's French for "That's life"). Get
    over it. If anything, you need to get your head out from your canyon and get on with your
    life :)

    > I saw what you wrote re Cockatiels on another board also and you know you really do
    > have to actually know what you are talking about to be taken seriously.

    Wow. You have proven to me you are fairly literate- I do know what I am talking about.
    Anything that is below 65 makes my birds shiver. I just made the comment due to my own
    observations and what makes MY birds comfortable. Get over it. If you don't take me
    seriously, ignore me.

    Really, it is that simple, contrary to popular belief.

    > I am sure you do not like me


    >I for sure have to say I do not like your type of person looking after living creatures
    >at all as you appear "Very Unstable" but if you get some help maybe your birds would be
    > Jim

    For all that is holy, get over it, Jim-bo! I came here for help TO MAKE MY BIRDS HAPPIER.
    Duh. Do I need to explain this to you again? I am begging you to be civil because you
    have nothing construstive to write, no matter how entertaining it may be.

    On the lest, if this is all the input you have, you must not have anything better to come
    back at me with other then "I think-I think- I think". Don't think, Jimmy. It seems to
    not be your strong point. If you are going to think, write it somewhere else where I
    won't find so much humor in your responces and turn them into satire. It seems "you
    think"-ing has done nothing more then make me laugh, and laughing, I am now.

    P.S. I still like you :D