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Re: ...???... Woof. I feel better now. MY OPINION. Thank you

Posted by Fruit Cake <3 on 11/19/05
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    You called me "dear" :)

    I just find it humorous. I laughed all the way, no matter how serious my post sounded. It
    is just a clash in culture; nothing to start a war about.

    I have yet to have a problem since Ginger had her feathers ruffled. She even has started
    to step-up on command.

    On 11/18/05, jill wrote:
    > dear cassie,
    > some people are more sensitive about things like writing....water off a ducks back
    > dear.... not everyone is like that. i understood what you ment when you said rat and
    > smack down (wrestling right?)lol i use the word turkey better than what
    > budgie really means (good to eat) i think what ever you have to do to help this bird
    > to overcome her issues within reason will do fine. sounds like you have a pretty good
    > handle on it so far...i would not give her to anyone with children under the
    > circumstances. a breeder may not be a great idea, but if you just have to give her up
    > at least she'd be taken care of most likely....most breeders spend alot of time with
    > thier birds. i would think i would give her at least a couple of good months before i
    > gave up on her. sometimes the worst animals wind up to be the best companions when
    > given a chance. hope all goes well dear...good luck, jill