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Re: ...What a Fruit Cake" ^_^ mmm... Rolls eyes - Help!!!

Posted by Jimminie Cricket on 11/19/05
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    On 11/19/05, Fruit Cake <3 wrote:
    > I should not waste my time responding to you, but since you have a ~professional~ opinion
    > on my mental health based on one flacking post, I started laughing so hard I just had to
    > share with you how I feel <3
    > But I ~do~ like you :D
    And why wouldn't you like me I ask? I mean I am a SNAG - well kinda! or maybe I am not a
    true blue one but a bordering kind of one in a roundabout way.
    I enjoy taking "The Mickey" or "Having a Lend of Somebody" or even "Leading you up the
    Garden Path" lol. But I get VERY serious where animals are concerned and especially bird as
    I am never too concerned what the human species think of me.I have finished exams and you
    are right I am having a bit of fun laying about until I have to work again.
    SO if you are a real good cook! and a not too bad looking Sheila and want to look after me
    and keep me in the way I think men are born to be (looked after and their needs met by the
    females of this world) :) come on over mate :)
    p.s. don't worry I would not keep you "Barefoot and Pregnant in the kitchen" - maybe the
    kitchen has it's good points if you can cook really well, but I would give you a pair of
    thongs (the for your feet ones I mean) wink....and as far as the pregnant bit well I do not
    think I want kids.
    Then again after your last letter to me I might just "Go Troppo"
    You know you have given me a headache lol