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Re: Warning: Resonding to a Fruit Loop

Posted by Fruit Cake on 11/20/05
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    How old school. I care not for the life of a shrew, nor do I date dipsticks. I prefer to wear
    the pants and be the one to bring in the paycheck, so I am VERY sure you and I would not get
    along. Maybe you should get your diarrhea of your fingers under control when it comes to the
    sexist issues, for they are very unpedantic.

    Please stop earbashing me. You are so quick to knock others yet you yourself are a virile
    ocker by nature.

    You are making my sides hurt as I read. I would have to say men like you are the reason why
    we have lasbians vying for equal rights as man-woman married couples here in the US. At least
    you admit you are sexist; there is always truth amungst the bull. For one, I am taken and I
    have yet to see why ANY woman would want a crack like you; number two, you are to
    entertaining to ~not~ respond to.

    If you were that serious about birds, you would not be so untolarable. I do have an issue
    here, and if you WERE that serious, you would not be plucking at me but at the problem my
    bird is having. I find that statement rather fibious, and you have yet to prove to me that
    you really ARE serious about animals.

    You are indeed the most vulgar yabbo I have ever met. You do not even placait my bird, yet
    you enjoy giving me the 4-1-1 on how you are so up yourself. I'm glad you take humor at
    someone else's expense. You tried at least, and you do deserve a "C". Good effort, bad

    So, Jimbo, go ahead and "go troppo". I'll buy you the one-way ticket, "mate".

    On 11/19/05, Jimminie Cricket wrote:
    > And why wouldn't you like me I ask? I mean I am a SNAG - well kinda! or maybe I am not a
    > true blue one but a bordering kind of one in a roundabout way.
    > I enjoy taking "The Mickey" or "Having a Lend of Somebody" or even "Leading you up the
    > Garden Path" lol. But I get VERY serious where animals are concerned and especially bird as
    > I am never too concerned what the human species think of me.I have finished exams and you
    > are right I am having a bit of fun laying about until I have to work again.
    > SO if you are a real good cook! and a not too bad looking Sheila and want to look after me
    > and keep me in the way I think men are born to be (looked after and their needs met by the
    > females of this world) :) come on over mate :)
    > p.s. don't worry I would not keep you "Barefoot and Pregnant in the kitchen" - maybe the
    > kitchen has it's good points if you can cook really well, but I would give you a pair of
    > thongs (the for your feet ones I mean) wink....and as far as the pregnant bit well I do not
    > think I want kids.
    > Then again after your last letter to me I might just "Go Troppo"
    > You know you have given me a headache lol
    > Jim