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Post: "Treat Discs"

Posted by Sparow on 11/29/05

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any insight into
    those "treat disks." We recently put up a "calcium treat
    cup" (thingy) for our Budgie, and while she has taken to it
    (Predictably, as she demolished her previous mineral block
    into a pile of pink dust), she does not seem to be able to
    handle the "treat discs" of seed that it came with. We
    noticed that she couldn't get the seeds off of it, and,
    having observed her sporadic interest in a similarly
    constructed (but out of different types of seeds) treat
    stick, we took out the disc and broke it up to help her, as
    we had heard of Budgies having trouble with those treats
    that are stuck together with honey. She immediately became
    more interested in it, and took the small clumps of seeds
    out of the bowl and tossed them around! However, she still
    wasn't eating them, and seemed unable to. We have been
    occasionally giving her some of the "ecotrition" food
    supplements (made by 8-in-1) in her regular food, for
    variety, and she enjoys them, so I put a little of that in
    the calcium cup. Right away, she began to munch on it.
    Looking at the packaging, I see that those treat discs
    contain Sunflower Seeds, and Pumpkin seeds! Budgies don't
    eat that! I don't think she can hull them! Are there any
    treat discs that are REALLY designed for budgies (not just
    claim to be)? Or does anyone have a suggestion of a type
    of 'loose' seed that we could give her for a treat? She
    loves her spray millet, but we've got a holder for that
    (and it's so cute to watch her unhook it and play with
    gravity--that's half the fun for her!) so I don't want to
    put spray millet in it, but something different instead.
    Has anyone else noticed their budgies having trouble with
    treat discs or sticks? There isn't aything wrong with her
    beak, because she can't handle them, is there? She eats her
    regular food and her spray millet just fine! I would
    appreciate any reflections or advice! Thanks.

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