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Re: HELP!! baby not standing yet

Posted by LauraJ on 12/03/05
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    On 12/03/05, jill wrote:
    > i have a budgie baby that i fostered to another hen. i
    > only gave her one because she didn't have a mate to feed
    > her yet she insisted on laying eggs. i thought it might
    > help her to raise one....well, she has done a super
    > job...she keeps him fed and clean but he is 4 weeks old
    > and his little legs are all sprawled out to the sides
    > instead of under him. what can i do to help him? does this
    > happen often? is it normal? i would hate to have to put
    > him down but i don't want the little guy to suffer....any
    > helpful advice would be appreciated...thanks in advance,
    > jill

    Hi Jill,

    Your baby has what is commonly called splay leg. This is
    caused by several things but sounds like mama bird sat too
    tight on him because she only had one egg. I have included a
    link on splay leg and several ways of correcting it. You
    stand a pretty good chance of success because the chick is as
    young as it is. Good luck.


    Splay Leg