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Re: Re: Re: HELP!! baby not standing yet/Laura J./Rowena

Posted by LauraJ on 12/14/05
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    On 12/14/05, Rowena wrote:
    > On 12/03/05, LauraJ wrote:
    >> On 12/03/05, jill wrote:
    >>> i have a budgie baby that i fostered to another hen. i
    >>> only gave her one because she didn't have a mate to feed
    >>> her yet she insisted on laying eggs. i thought it might
    >>> help her to raise one....well, she has done a super
    >>> job...she keeps him fed and clean but he is 4 weeks old
    >>> and his little legs are all sprawled out to the sides
    >>> instead of under him. what can i do to help him? does this
    >>> happen often? is it normal? i would hate to have to put
    >>> him down but i don't want the little guy to suffer....any
    >>> helpful advice would be appreciated...thanks in advance,
    >>> jill
    >> Hi Jill,
    >> Your baby has what is commonly called splay leg. This is
    >> caused by several things but sounds like mama bird sat too
    >> tight on him because she only had one egg. I have included a
    >> link on splay leg and several ways of correcting it. You
    >> stand a pretty good chance of success because the chick is as
    >> young as it is. Good luck.
    >> LauraJ
    > Hi LauraJ,
    > Just thought I'd let you know that I visited the splay leg
    > site. It made a lot of sense, he had some good information
    > there.
    > Thanks for putting out there.
    > Rowena

    Your welcome. I hope Jill found it useful and maybe she will post
    an update on the baby budgie soon.