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Re: purple cere with whitish color, male or female?

Posted by Kitty.J on 12/07/05
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    On 12/03/05, Elaine wrote:
    > I adopted this keet and am trying to find out if it is
    > male or female. I don't want to take it to a vet yet,
    > it's still very shy. It's about a year old. Yellow with
    > black markings. Cere is a gray-purple with a whitish hue
    > in the middle. Definitely not pink and definitely not
    > blue. I've read several books about parakeets and they
    > all contradict each other. Can anyone tell me if male or
    > female? Once it's tame, I'd like to get it a friend but
    > don't want baby keets! Thank you for helping!

    what color is your bird? Males can have some white color
    around the nostrils but females will have more of it, and
    will have a brown cere when in condition to breed. My males
    will have purples to dark blue ceres and all have a tad bit
    white around th enostrils. Does your bird have a lot of
    white or alittle white around nostrils? Also males will be
    the ones who talk to themselves and bob there head and do
    all these courtship rituals to a mirror or a toy.