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Re: purple cere with whitish color, male or female?

Posted by Kitty.J on 12/08/05
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    On 12/08/05, jill wrote:
    > On 12/04/05, Elaine wrote:
    >> On 12/04/05, jill wrote:
    >>> On 12/03/05, Elaine wrote:
    >>>> I adopted this keet and am trying to find out if it is
    >>>> male or female. I don't want to take it to a vet yet,
    >>>> it's still very shy. It's about a year old. Yellow with
    >>>> black markings. Cere is a gray-purple with a whitish hue
    >>>> in the middle. Definitely not pink and definitely not
    >>>> blue. I've read several books about parakeets and they
    >>>> all contradict each other. Can anyone tell me if male or
    >>>> female? Once it's tame, I'd like to get it a friend but
    >>>> don't want baby keets! Thank you for helping!
    >>> elaine,
    >>> in my experience this is a female. if the cere has not
    >>> turned blue or at least darker purple by 1 year....female it
    >>> is.....if your sure about the age of the bird. hope this
    >>> helps..jill
    >> thanks jill yes I am sure about the age. will be 1 year in
    >> early feb. ela
    > elaine, color of the bird does matter as well. i have a heavy
    > pied male that's cere never went blue....he looks like a baby
    > always, but he did do the mating dance and sing alot. he is now
    > a proud pop soooooo..... but if your bird is not pied the
    > statement i made before this is pretty accurate....if the cere
    > turns crusty looking and has a hint of brown....well anyway,
    > hope you found these answers helpful.

    Also, i heard from white to yellow budgies there cere will stay
    pink, but the females cere will get a tanny color. But i am not
    sure if this is true. Though i never saw a white or yellow budgie
    with a blue or purple cere always light colors